Americana in Portage Park

Located outside the hustle and bustle of Chicago’s busier neighborhoods, Regulus Coffee House Company in Portage Park has positioned itself as an outpost of independent coffee on Chicago’s frontier.

Upon entering the shop, visitors are greeted with beautifully refurbished tin ceilings, original wooden floorboards, and large store-front window panes that give a sense of Americana rarely found in a city café.

Brent, the owner, makes sure Regulus is an engaging member of the Portage Park community, helping out at the local community garden, and hosting impromptu didgeridoo jam sessions in the shop when the situation presents itself.

Their passion for the community can be found in their coffee selection as well. Regulus serves locally roasted Stiver’s Coffee, a local Chicago roaster as passionate about their coffee as any you’ll find in the business.

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